Squash Mosaic Virus

This week we have a great example of a shocking virus symptom. The virus is squash mosaic virus and is in a yellow summer squash plant. As you can see below, this results in yellow, bumpy splotches on a green fruit. Although the fruit looks quite odd it is still edible and there should be little change in the flavor.

Leaves of squash plants infected with squash mosaic virus will appear mottled with dark and lighter green splotches and may also become curled.

Squash mosaic virus transmitted through the seed and also by beetles (including cucumber beetles). This means that if one seed is infected when you buy and plant it, the remaining plants in your plot are at risk of becoming infected through beetle feeding. It is important to survey your plants and determine if you need to pull out potentially infected plants. When removing an infected plant it is important to remove the entire plant including the roots and dispose of it in a compost that gets hot, burning, or by double bagging and putting it in the trash. You should also not save seed from potentially infected plants and purchase certified virus free seed.

Yellow summer squash infected with squash mosaic virus.

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